I’m a full time husband and father of two, and I work a demanding yet rewarding job, but I’m DSC_0556passionate but other things, and fishing and the outdoors are at the top of the list. I started fishing when I was in my late teens, going on an annual father and son fishing trip, that had lessa to do about fishing, and more to do about fellowship. In more recent years though, I’ve discovered the joy and passion I have for the sport of fishing. I’ve made efforts to learn more and become more successul, with the hopes of increasing my enjoyment even further. This blog then, is an on-going account of my pursuit of improvement, with the hopes that this will not only chronicle my successes and failures, but engage others to share their own.

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  1. Stan says:

    Nice size pike from Conestoga Lake! I was going with my son there to cast/troll from the boat.
    Could you share where good spots for pike are?
    Thank you,
    Stan (stan_sav@yahoo.com)

    • Hi Stan,

      If you are going out this year still, I’ve been working the shore lines with small spoons and minnow baits. I caught the bigger one in the large bay where the dam is, turn right around the point and along the shore line in that next bay. Between the point and the area where the cinder blocs are. There is a steep drop there, so you may have to play with the depth. The other one I got recently was closer to the dam, on the opposite shore from the ramps. If you would like more specific info, let me know.

      • Stan says:

        Thank you for REALLY fast reply and directions! I think I know what you are talking about… but if you could email me lake map with your good spots that would be AWESOME! Conestogo is the closest lake for us but we didn’t have any success last year and we just stopped fishing there 😦 So I just wanna give it another try and spend time on water with my son.
        By the way, did you troll or cast?

  2. Drew says:


    I enjoyed site. I myself have devoted some serious efforts on Conestogo Lake.


  3. Julian says:

    Hi Scott,
    congrats on the new boat , looks great !

    We are headed to McLeister in September, do you think it’s necessary to bring a fishfinder , trying to save on weight . Lake doesn’t look too hard to figure out, any spots you recommend ?

  4. Scott says:

    The main lake is pretty straight forward. There are more weeds than say Hilmer, so I suspect running worm harnesses over them would be excellent for walleye, we sure did a number on them at Hilmer this year that way. We did a great deal of fishing in the river, and did very well for walleye (big ones), and pike by trolling up and down stream, and found the slack water, deeper areas particularly good. You’ll have fun.

  5. Julian says:

    McLeister was great, 2 days we were shut down due to rain , sleet and snow non stop and temp dropping to 1 degree. We tried the river early in the week but water was really low and the other guys didnt want to go back so we stuck to the lake. My biggest walleye was a 28″ and pike was 38″.
    There were just too many small pike … lol, it got annoying while trying to catch walleye and getting pike after pike. Thinking about where to book for next year.

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