My First 40 Inch Pike and the Heroic Boat Partner

This event took place a number of years ago, on the40 Inch Pike annual fishing trip to Georgian Bay in the Thousand Islands. I was trolling a Mepps Cyclops when a big Pike HAMMERED  my line, leaving me no questions as to whether I had a huge fish on or not. A few things to consider before watching. First, none of us had ever seen, yet alone ever caught a truly huge Pike (though since then we have done quite well). Secondly, after seeing first hand the effects of poor equipment and not having proper preparation, we have since made huge leaps in our ability to catch and care for large fish. Also to consider, what are the chances that you have a second boat near by, with a video camera, to catch all the action to share with people later! A special thanks again to Ed for putting his hands and fingers at risk to land this beauty.

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1 Response to My First 40 Inch Pike and the Heroic Boat Partner

  1. Chris Mills says:

    That is good stuff!

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