Victoria Day in Haliburton, and a Muskie First


The Victoria Day Weekend is great not only because it is a long weekend, but because it is also a long weekend with fishing season open! I’ve been out twice at this point, and I’m hoping to get out at least one more time. On day one, I headed out first thing in the morning, and was the first boat to launch for the day. Things started out tough, firstly because I couldn’t find a coffee shop that would take debit, and secondly, because my fish finder is acting up, providing me depth,but no fish marking and no temperature. When I did get the temperature working at one point, it was telling me the water was about freezing…which it wasn’t. Sigh. So I not only did not catch any fish, but lost another key lure. Sigh. The second morning was better. I went with my father onto Head Lake. We had coffee, which helped, but we faced rain, which was not so great for comfort, but hopefully would help with fishing. I picked up a number of small perch and bass using a worm harness, and dad landed his first ever Muskie, shown in this photo. It hit on a number 3 Mepps with a worm, and just hammered it.  So, while today was better than yesterday, neither has been great for fishing for me, but I’ll persevere and be out there again tomorrow!

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