Still some great fishing planned, and I have a goal!

ImageFall is by far my favourite season of the year. I love the temperatures, the colors, and the fact that most bodies of water have very low traffic on them. The view of my surroundings as I’m on the water in Fall just add that extra level of enjoyment, and the backdrop for those fishing pictures can’t be beat! 

My wife and I were recently on a hot air balloon ride, which we have been trying to get on for 3 years, with the weather cancelling us each time. We made it this year, and I got some great pictures of the region, including some nice time overhead one of the main rivers that I have fished, and forms an important part of our overall watershed. It was really impressive to see the scope of the waterways from this angle. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy two main lakes, Conestoga and Belwood Lake, both close for the season in less than two weeks. I’ll be sure to get our a couple more times, but as the water levels hit their seasonal lows, it does get a bit risky out there, so caution is important. I do have two more weekend trips planned though. One will be a return to Pointe au Baril Station, where I caught a personal best 42inch pike earlier this year. My second, and last time on the water will be the last Saturday of November / first day of December, up in the Haliburton Highlands. That brings me to my goal. I want to have a picture to show, of me holding a fish (of any species), caught on December 1st 2013. Part of the reason is jus because most people have packed it in by then, but also because if I catch a fish in December, I can honestly say it’s only 4 months of the year where I have to wait until I’m on the water again. So in a few months, watch for that post!

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