New Boat for 2014

thWhen I got my current boat 3 years ago, it was with the plan to use it as an experiment. Would I use it regularly, would the family enjoy using the boat, would we take it with us on vacation, essentially, would we be a “boat family”. It would be easy to just get a boat, but with only so much time and money, it made sense to be sure that a boat would be a good family investment. We’ve known for a while that a cottage was not in our near future, but the idea a boat gave some options, whether it be when we went camping, or visiting other people on a lake, or traveling anywhere a boat launch would be nearby.

ImageThis year I attended the Toronto Boat Show with the express purpose of getting up close with my two shortlisted brands. I was looking at a Lund, or a Princecraft. They both have great reputations, both come highly recommended, and I see top fisherman using both. The only questions for me were whether I could live with a bit higher price for the Canadian made Princecraft, or should I go with the Lund. What ultimately made the decision for me was the efforts of the sales staff. One person gave me a quote and said he’d be happy to order me a boat. The other team (there were several people involved) made it clear they wanted my business, and were willing to time and effort into researching my needs, and making recommendations that would lead to greater enjoyment of the boat. After some traditional haggling I put down the deposit on my new Princecraft Resorter DLX BT, which should arrive in time for the Walleye and Pike Opener. I ordered it with a 40hp Mercury 4 Stroke, a couple of fish finders, a Minn Kota trolling motor and the really fun, made sure I’d have Ipilot!


The Ipilot should be an exciting addition that will help me fish specific areas, in tough conditions, especially when I’m fishing by myself and have to land a fish or swap out some gear. The ability to be held with an electronic anchor within 5 feat of my marked spot should come in pretty handy. I’m pretty excited to get the new rig and put it on the water. I’ll be getting a tube to pull the kids behind it when the water is warmer, so we should have lots of family fun. It’s still light enough to pull behind our current vehicle, and with the 4 stroke, I expect my fuel use to remain pretty consistent. I’ll shoot a video for you once I pick it up!


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1 Response to New Boat for 2014

  1. Drew says:

    Congrats! I will keep my eyes open on Conestogo Lake for the new shiney Princecraft.

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