Two New Lures

There are some beauty fish in this lake.Like many of you, I keep an eye out for both lures that have been around for a while but I’ve never tried, and for brand new lures to the market. A couple years ago I was excited to try two new products from Rapala, the BX Minnow and the Scatter Rap. I’ve written before about my love hate relationship with the Scatter Rap (most of my concerns have been with the minnow body version).


Shadow_Rap_ShadLast year I was an early adopter on the Shadow Rap, a minnow style body that had some great action on the pause. I had two great experiences with this lure. First was on my fly in trip to Brace Lake Outfitters this past year. It was early season and the walleye were in tight to shore. I spent the better part of an afternoon trolling the wind swept shore, jerking and pausing a Shadow Rap (yellow bottom and orange bottom both worked), catching a seemingly endless supply of hungry walleye. It was by far the best producing lure, and it think it was the cold water, keeping the fish a touch lethargic, and the pause was just what they were looking for. My second great experience was one evening on my family cottage trip. I was out in the boat with two friends, and we tucked into a really small bay fed by a creek. It was shallow, less than 10 feet, with heavy lily pad coverage and cabbage. The water was almost 80 degrees at the surface during the day. We only fished for about an hour before the bugs drove us off, but in that time I landed 4 good sized bass. In fact, only 5 fish were caught by our group. We kept a couple for a group fish fry later, and when we returned to the camp, the couple I kept were enormous when compared to what others had caught. Proof to me that the Shadow Rap appealed to the big fish.

2016-Rapala-Catalog_0Now, this off season Rapala has released a new version of the Scatter Rap, in the form of the Tail Dancer, and a new version of the Shadow Rap, in the Shad body. I’m anxious to try the them both out, which I will in about a months time, quickly followed by a review of each for you readers!


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