An Icy Visit

It’s the Easter Weekend, and the weDSC_1734ather has been spectacular! I decided to give my wife some time to herself and take the kids on a drive out to Conestoga Lake, my “home lake” to get a first hand look at the water levels, and to show the kids how the dam works. Conestoga Lake is a reservoir lake, formed when the Conestoga River was damed to prevent flooding and help manage the river sDSC_1739ystem. During particularly dry summers though, like in 2012, it becomes un-usable by the time August ends, so I’m hoping for a longer fishing season, locally, in 2013. The kids enjoy the boating a lot, and we’ll drop a line in the water for them once in a while too, as anglers in the making. Enjoy this short video of our recent visit.

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