Using Marker Buoys

A few years ago we were up at Esnagami LodgeBuoy, and when we headed out on our first morning we knew we were planning on jigging for Walleye. We had a guide with us, and he took us to an area about 100 feet off of an island, and assured us that fish would be there. He explained that there was a large ridge underneath us, and that there would be fish, but we needed to find how deep and how far back they were. So off we went, and threw our lines over. It was only a few minutes before we hauled in the first Walleye, and then the guide threw something overboard. I asked him what he’d done, and he indicated that he had thrown a marker buoy overboard so we knew exactly the area to keep working, as he said “where there’s one Walleye, there will be more”. An that’s how I became exposed to the concept of the marker buoy for marking hot spots, weed lines, structure of any sort, generally anything to help you spend more time of the most productive waters you find. Enjoy todays short video on this topic, and as always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, let me know, and please encourage others who may find this blog valuable, to follow it, share it etc.

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