There’s a Boat In My Garage!

ImageSpring is in the air, and that means one thing, fishing season is around the corner. This weekend we headed to Halliburton to get my boat out of storage, and pick up my motor at the marina. I store the boat up at my fathers as he has the room. I put sawhorses over the trailer, and then flip the boat over, both keeping the boat up in the air, and the boat acts like a shelter for the trailer underneath. I’m not particularly skilled at motor maintenance so I took the motor to a local marina, and had them winterize it, store it, and give it a spring tune up. So I have new plugs, new oil, and a full lube job. They also tweaked my setting so help remedy an idling issue I was having. I had hoped to take the boat out for a quick rip, toImage see how she was and to get the feel of being back on the water, but a combination of ice still being on the lake, and the flooding that has the ramp launch area under water put an end to that idea. So the next couple of weeks will see me wash it out, do some touch up paint, put in the seats, re-wire for better use, and I hope to put in a small storage area, all in time for the opener on May 11th! Stay tuned!

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