Spring Paint Job!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter bringing the boat home from storage, it was time to get the grime of the previous year off, and see if any touch up work needed to be done. My laundry list is a bit longer than I had hoped. I need to wash the boat out, touch up paint most of the interior and a few exterior locations, do some work on the transom, put lock washer all around, fix a seat mount, re-wire so I can have a batter up front that will run my Minn Kota, and finally, build a small platform at the front to store items on. The good news is, I love to work on the boat, because most of what I do increases my enjoyment when I’m actually using it!

You can see from the picture that there are a lot of scuffs in the boat from a year of heaving fishing. At this point I hosed and scrubbed it out. Then after it was dry I put on a primer to those areas that were down to bare metal. Then after it dried, I painted it up! It looks great, until I put it on the water and start using it that is. Keeping the boat in good shape just makes me feel a bit more proud. It’s not the worlds greatest boat, but our family enjoys it, and I’ve been in a lot of lakes with it. Before the opener on the 11th, I’ll have put the seats back in, done some re-wiring, put in some decking at the nose to act as a storage area, and of course I’ll have taken it out for a trip or two. Enjoy the short video below!

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