Rod Review: St. Croix Bait Caster

ImageI have 3 rod and reel combinations that I use, and I have a reason or application for each. The first rod I ever purchased where I actually did some research and spent some money was my first ever bait caster. I went to one of my local fishing stores, in this case Rainbow Sports in Waterloo Ontario. I wanted a rod mostly for Pike fishing, and it would be mostly used for casting crankbait, and jerk bait, with some trolling as well. This rod is a St. Croix, 2 piece 6’6″ medium heavy rod, and it’s been a real workhorse for me. I’ve actually replaced the reel on this one already, but the rod is still going strong. I’ve landed multiple big fish, used it for a long time, and it keeps going strong. This is a case where spending a bit more money was totally worth it.

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