Tackle Swap 2013

ImageA few weeks ago I hosted a tackle swap at my house, where a few friends and family who like to fish could bring their gear over, and trade or give away gear or tackle they no longer use, so it would go to a good home. With the amount of money good tackle costs these days, I’d rather give lures I don’t use to a buddy rather than having a tackle box so stuffed, I’m can’t tell the difference between the good and the not so good (see picture :)).

ImageIn addition, my brother Chris was doing a demo on how to make your own flurocarbon leaders, and I was doing repair work, adding split rings or swivels etc to lures that had been all beat up. It as a good afternoon, a lot of tackle found a new home, a few lures got freshened up, and most guys when home with a hand made leader. I find that if I limit the gear I take to those items that I really use, I get better at using them, and I don’t waste money on lures that just sit in the box. This applies to old rods and reels that while functional, are no longer in the regular rotation and are just taking up space.

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