Fishing For Walleye, Catching Crappie

ImageRecently a buddy of mine and I went out to Conestoga Lake to target some Walleyes. We had an area in mind, based on some intel from various locals. When the area to fish was described, I knew what I was looking for based on the shore line, and having seen the distinctive features last season. What I hadn’t anticipated was that the water level was so high, those features were underwater! None the less, we found the area we wanted, and began to work it with worm harnesses. We were marking fish like crazy and it wasn’t long before the first fish was on the line, which turned out to be a nice sized crappie, and Scotts’ first fish of the season in his new boat, good job!

Shortly there after, I picked off three crappie in a row. While not the Walleye I was shooting for, I was pleased with my ability to pick up the bite and to set the hook. Using a harness is a new technique for me, and I’m prepared to put in some time to learn it, and while not the target species, any fish that hits it helps me learn just a little bit more.

ImageWe worked that area for a while, but only had a few hours to fish, so we headed to an area I have caught walleyes jigging before, but no luck. We then took off for one last spot, but again, despite marking tonnes of fish, they would not bit on cranks. Interestingly, as we cruised around we spoke to other anglers who reported the same slow results, but many people had commented that just yesterday the fishing was fantastic, with one angler telling me while he caught a few crappie today, he caught over 70 the previous day. Just goes to show what a little change in weather can do to you. Enjoy todays video and I’d love to hear your feedback.

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1 Response to Fishing For Walleye, Catching Crappie

  1. Chris Mills says:

    Hey, Crappie a good too 😉 Just think how versatile you are becoming!

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