Rod Review: Fenwick HMX Medium Action


Probably the rod I use the most often is my Fenwick HMX 7 Ft, Medium, Fast Action, 2 pc rod. Until I purchased a rod exclusively for jigging, my Fenwick served as my trolling rod for medium / small baits, and for my jigging rod, as it had great sensitivity. I love the overall weight of the rod, and the extremely fast tip it has. When I used it for jigging it served me well for the most part, when the bite of the walleye was more pronounced. I do know I was missing fish on the softer bite though, so I ended up getting a separate rod for jigging, which is my next review.

Back to the Fenwick, one of the techniques I’ve been working on this season has been using worm harnesses. What I like about using this rod is that with its length of 7 feet, and the good flexibility it has, I can do a nice sweeping hook set and not risk pulling the hook through the fish. With the soft tip, I’m really able to feel the difference between a fish nipping at the bait vs a real strike. While I’ve only been out a few times this year, I don’t think I’ve missed a real strike yet. The downside is that I’ve only been landing crappie, but that’s another story. I’ve had this rod for 4 years, and it’s proof again to me that paying a bit more for a rod gets you better quality and durability. Check out my video below, and make sure Fenwick is on your list for a potential new rod.

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