A Giant Walleye On Cameron Lake

ImageIt’s been a while since I posted, because it’s been a while since I fished, but today I remedied that. I headed to Cameron Lake in the Kawartha Lake area with my buddy Scott. He was up on this lake last weekend and did really well on the Walleye front, so we decided to give it a half days attention. We were on the lake at 8:00am and it was already humid and we knew it was going to be a hot one. The previous weekend the fishing was best during the overcast period, which we would not be having today. I’ll give you the quick summary, and then you can watch the video below. I caught a few perch and a bass, and Scott got a couple bass, a 15inch Walleye, and a HUGE 28inch Walleye (shown). This is by far the biggest Walleye I’ve been a party to landing, and it was a real treat. Congratulations to Scott on his new personal best for Walleye.

ImageWhile we didn’t get the numbers we were hoping for, we still had a great time on the water, and it’s hard to complain after landing a huge fish. We’ll probably take another shot at that lake in a couple weeks, so see if we can do a bit better.

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2 Responses to A Giant Walleye On Cameron Lake

  1. That’s a Walleye of a lifetime right there!

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