Storing my Hard Baits

As I get ready to head on my Fly In Fishing Trip with Hearst Air, I’ve been getting my equipment ready. One of the things I have to do is get a lot of tackle and gear to fit in a small space, as their are both weight and size restriction for the float plane. One of the things I do is try to condense my tackle into as few trays as possible. Watch the video below and see how I use a basic rubber band to allow me to store multiple crank baits and jerk baits together, without tangles!

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5 Responses to Storing my Hard Baits

  1. Chris Mills says:

    Gotta admit, you got me on board with this tip. Nice!

  2. Julian says:

    Great video , just found your site searching the Internet. I am also heading up with Hearst Air in September, going to McLeister Lake. Any tips ?

    • Hi Julian,
      We were on Hilmer last year, great time. The Walleye preferred worms rather than shiners, the pike were not huge, but plentiful. We are going to McLeister in a couple weeks, and I’ll have plenty to share!

  3. Julian says:

    thanks for the tip, was able to fit a dozen stick baits into case as I get ready for upcoming trip as well

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