My Choice for Fishing Line

UnknownI had a request for which is my preferred fishing line for my rods. I’ve used lots of line over the years, from traditional mono, to fluorocarbon, and then into the super lines. I now use Suffix 832 on all my reels. Now, I know that braid is not the perfect choice in all cases, but I don’t have the time or the inclination to switch out my lines all summer, nor do I have extra rod and reel combos that I can have spooled with application specific line. The suffix 832 has been a great all purpose line for me. I use 30lb on my bait caster when I go looking for the big fish, I use 20lb when I’m on my trolling rod, and I use 10lb on my jigging stick. In most cases I use a 2 foot lead line of fluorocarbon, or I tie on a leader. It maintains great condition, holds shape, sinks well, and I’ve never had it break off on me. It is a bit more expensive, but since I get such long life out of it, my total investment in line is equal to purchasing lesser products (in my opinion). I only started paying attention to line the last few years, and shudder to think how my fishing could have been better over the years if I’d only looked into it soon. So if you are looking for a new line, check it out, and what the video below.

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