Why Bad Fishing Sometimes Isn’t So Bad

ImageI love to fish, but to be honest, I also love being out in the boat, enjoying the water, nice weather, and some quality time with family and friends. My last couple trips to our local lakes (Belwood and Conestoga) have produced more misses than fish landed, but I’ve still really valued my time out. Just a few days ago I was out for about 3.5 hours with a buddy, and 5 minutes in we had a nice sized Northern Pike at the boat, and we both thought “game on”.

ImageAbout an hour later, with no fish, we were a bit discouraged, but as the weather cooled, and the water calmed, and the sun went down, we were in for a nice treat. There is something about a quiet lake, at dusk with calm waters that also calms the soul. I hope you can tell by these two pictures that we had a nice night. So the next time you are out fishing, and the bite is off, remember the other parts of fishing that make it so enjoyable.

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