Boat Repairs

ImageWhen I first acquired my boat a couple years ago, I knew there were several leaks in it, and began researching the best / easiest / most cost effective ways to repair them. I made the choice to use JB Weld to do the job, and I’ve been very impressed ever since. At the start of this season I did some new repairs to get it ready for the 2013 season with the same great results. Recently I had to do some emergency repairs while away on a trip, and then investigate the damage. My boat is almost 30 years old, and after three decades of use, coming in and out of the water, being trailered to and from, the back section of the hull is pretty badly dented, and thus the areas around the rivets are under a lot of stress.

When I did the water test a few weeks ago I found about 6 rivets that were problematic, and decided to get those fixed now, rather then wait until 2014. The video below shows how I applied the JB Weld to the affected areas. I had the boat out since the repairs, but it was pouring rain so very difficult for me to know if the patches held, but I’m confident!

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