Nice Pike On Conestoga Lake

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was out on Conestoga Lake a few nights ago, for a couple hours of fishing. We were focussing on a specific bay, and working a shore line that was ranging for 10-20 feet. The fish were holding in the 10-12 foot range so we were working that depth. I tried using crawler harnesses, but was not having any luck, so I switched to using a Rapala Scatter Rap in the minnow profile, orange in colour. I’ve had a lot of luck with the Scatter Rap this season, though I have been disappointed in their overall durability, having blown the lips on two of them earlier this season.

s41742The durability was again in question as the back end pulled free on this lure. I was able to land the fish, but the lure will have to be returned. The highlight for this night was a nice 34 inch Northern Pike. I’ve caught bigger fish, but for this particular lake, it would be one of the bigger fish available, so I was really pleased. It gave me a good fight (right in front of another boat 🙂 ), putting my Fenwick HMX and Shimano Sahara reel to the test. But, a successful landing, hook removal, picture, and revival ensures that I get a lasting memory, and that fish will be available in the future. Hope you enjoy this quick video.

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1 Response to Nice Pike On Conestoga Lake

  1. Drew says:

    Very nice. Always tough fishing in the late summer at Conestogo.

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