Annual Couples Trip Completed

CarolynMy annual weekend fishing trip, known as “the couples trip” was this past weekend and was once again a success. Each summer my father (Dave) and his wife (Betty), my brother (Chris) and his wife (Lisa), and of course Carolyn and I head to the Bayfield Inlet just passed Pointe au Baril for some Pike / Bass fishing.

Part of what makes this trip so fun is that the focus isn’t on intense fishing, but more on enjoying each others company in a beautiful area, enjoying nature and hopefully catching a fish or two! Carolyn and I made it up just before noon on the Friday. It was overcast but there was no threat of rain. We put the boat in the water, cleared the marina where the water was a bit lower and where there was no boat traffic, and cast our first lines. 30 seconds later I had the first small mouth bass in the boat! We boated about 1/2 dozen fish (bass and northern pike) in about 90 minutes before heading in for some lunch. We got right back at it and boated just as many fish in the afternoon, what a great day of fishing. Great weather to fish in, and constant activity.



That afternoon / evening the rest of the group joined in, and we headed out for an evening fish. We had a spectacular sunset and managed to land a few more fish before heading in for a late dinner, some cards and fellowship.

The next day we awoke to much colder weather, and light rain. The fishing in the morning was pretty good, but by afternoon it had shut right down. We all put in a lot of time on the water, particularly after the rain moved on, but that cold front and change in weather just turned the action off like a switch. We did enjoy a nice fish lunch including some fresh caught pike, and off course some cards and a game of “fishinopoly”.

thumb_P8300293_1024The final day we saw different weather again, this time high sun and super hot. What a difference! We managed to boat a few fish, but nothing like the quantities of a couple days earlier, and nothing like the sizes the year before (a 37 and 34 inch pike were caught). We did though take advantage of the weather for our favourite part of any trip, the shore lunch. Fish, potatoes, beans, warm garlic bread and your drink of choice, what could be better?

My trips for the year are not done, I have may annual guys weekend the first week of October, and a final weekend up in Haliburton towards the end of that month. Stay tuned!

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