At Long Last, A Food Saver!

 First off, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. We’ve just put e kids to bed and are reflecting on an amazing family day. There were plenty of gifts exchanged, but I’m very excited about my new Food Saver Game Saver Bronze!

I’ve been in the market for a Food Saver for a while, and Santa did not disappoint. I have three main reasons for wanting one of these. First is that when I go on fishing trips I make a financial investment in the entire trip, and when you can only bring out your legal limit of fish, I want to be sure that my catch is kept fresh, and that it will remain so until time to cook it. Second is for when I go camping etc, where I’m storing mixed foods in the cooler. I can’t stand it when, as things begin to thaw, you find things leaching out of freezer bags, and you have contamination. Finally, I like buying things on sale, and in bulk, and this will ensure that when I capitalize on a great deal, I don’t end up throwing the food out because of freezer burn!

Below is a video of me putting it to work. Apologies for referencing the wrong model number, but enjoy.

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